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Friday, September 25, 2009

Did You Miss Us?

Ok, Ok, so it's been a LOOONG time since we've blogged but we've been UBER BUSY getting ahold of new companies (including the AMAZING Numero Group) and discovering treasure troves of used up and down the coast. I guess it's paying off, as we've seen alot of new faces and had a nice writeup in thejournal calling us Humboldt's best spot for vinyl dessert!

New music is coming down the pike from all over right now. Being behind the Redwood Curtain means we're often next to the last to hear new bands but at therisk of sounding redundant to those who scour the music blogs, here's some great new bands...


Our friend Carlos is a music junkie whose tastes don't always match ours so when he said "you HAVE to come see Woods," we didn't know what to expect. What we got was perhaps our new favorite indie band. Mix 1 part pysch guitar 1 indie beard guy with high vocals and 1 part noise distortion and you have Woods. I could go on and make some comparisons but I'll go the local route and say, if Mark Shikuma and Ian from the Alibi both like an album...you should buy two copies.

Le Loup

So I heard the first album these guys put out and it didn't do it for me, however! this new stuff seems to have a panda bear kind of feel that makes everything from driving to doing the dishes and much more pleasant task. A little echo and fuzz over a heavy beat and indie sceaming refrains and I'm sold. Some of the tracks can make you look for the next track button but you gotta allow for a few of those nowadays.

Le Loup - Forgive Me from Old Chum on Vimeo.

Family Portrait>

A lo-fi mix of garage and pop, perfect for when the sun is shining. Like the Ruby Suns, Family Portrait combines the folk and indie aspects with a fuzzy lo-fi coating and reverberating refrains that, at times, can remind you of TV on the Radio.


A re-issue that has Adam's nose wide open, Spindrift's soundtrack to movie The Legend of God's Gun" is what happens when a spaghetti western and stone rock have an illegitimate child. Available on golden vinyl and under 20 bucks, what a steal.

Well, that's all for now, we're heading to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass next week and may just return with some new goodies if you've all been good. Don't forget that Hawk and a Hacksaw are coming to town October 10th at Nocturnum, no tix so get there early. That's all Folks!