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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Post Record Store Day Cleanup.

Well we survived another morning of people eying us like wolves while we smoke our pre-opening cigarettes. Boy were we surprised to find a line to the sidewalk an hour before we opened the door! Thanks to everyone for making it another bang smash success, especially to King Maxwell and Ghostwriter for providing our Record Store Day soundtrack. Our apologies if you didn't get your hands on that special release you were looking for but, as fellow vinyl purveyors Aquiarius Records said, we have special hard to find releases everyday. Next year look for bigger and better things from us as we continue to celebrate independent record stores!

New Stuff

Why oh why do we get lost in re-issue land? Seems whenever we're asked to give our newest favorite records, the list is populated with Nigerian, Cuban, and Deep South re-issues rather than the next up and coming indie band. So we, the folks at Missing Link, have given up fighting the current. Fuck it, re-issue is king and we are grabbing a palm frond and making sure the king stays cool. In the spirit of this, here are some of our favorite new re-issues to be coming soon to the shop, courtesy of our new friends over at Forced Exposure!

Whitefield Brothers - Earthology
The Dayton Sidewinders - Let's Go Down To Funksville
California Funk (45s from the Sunshine State)
Shake Sauvage (French Soundtracks 1968-73)
and finally, a track by Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro

Upcoming Events

What happens when a mad scientist combines a stack of Nigerian 45's with a 1970's Paul Rubens? DJ Chi Chi Mon. Your favorite Brio barista is trading the espresso machine for two turntables and a collection of hot and spicy funk tunes from countries you've never even heard of. Afterward, catch Portland Psych-rockers Droni Mitchell all for only two bucks. Jambalaya starting at 9pm.

May 3rd @ Jambalaya --
Celebrate the return of Radio Moscow to Humboldt county after a grueling three month EU/US tour. They're back and they brought you a gift from their travels...New York rockers Naam!! Yes the newly signed TeePee Records band is finishing up their US tour with little old Humboldt. You've heard us talk about how much we love Naam and now is your chance to share a moment with your friendly neighborhood record nerds for 3 measly bucks. So mark your calenders for what promises to be a head banging, beard tossin' good time.

July at Arcata Playhouse
Whispers and rumors abound of a new old timey festival this summer and we can neither confirm or deny these rumors...If we were to confirm them however, we'd say that we can't sleep thinking of another Frank Fairfield/Pokey LaFarge duet. Stay Tuned.

What is a soundclash you ask? (so did we) Head over to Jambalaya on May 31st to find out. See your local record nerds team up and battle off in a call and response tag team cage match that may even be to the death. Featuring local LP addicts DJ's Jefe and nHate as team Shattered Skull. Facing off with Shattered Skull will be team AKA DOOM featuring the combined might of DJs Paul Maul and Jim Jones. Only $1 to watch four grown men fight over who has the coolest record collection...worth it.

Woods in Arcata -- JUNE 2010
We've been given a heads up that the only indie band from last year we thought was worth a damn is heading up our way. Listen close, Woods will be an awesome show. I know some of you might not feel comfortable going to an indie show that isn't at the Green House, but slap on an extra bracelet and your ironically large glasses (the ones without the lenses) and come to where we'll be getting our minds blown by these young men.

High on Fire-- Friday May 7th
Just when you thought it was safe to stay in for the weekend, Nocturnum continues to turn up the heat! Without so much as a breath between the amazing Earth/Wolves in the Throne Room concert, these guys are bringing hard rockin High On Fire back with Priestess, Black Cobra, and Bison B.C. Tickets are on sale now at our shop, so come on down and ask us all the reasons you should go...if'n you got an hour that is.


City Center
Our last in store was an unexpected treat for us here at Missing Link. One of the stable of Panache Booking, City Center made us think of Panda Bear when we first heard them and left us with no comparisons when they packed up and headed off to watch Chappelle show all night long. I don't know what else to say but download their in store set and hear for yourselves what you missed. DOWNLOAD LINK

Agent Double-O-Soul
Maybe you've heard that our local Pirate Radio us back up and running strong. 99.9 Humboldt Free Radio Alliance is going Wednesdays through Mondays from 3-5 until late night, tune in to catch the odd and crazy mix of music unlike anything your radio has heard before. Recently a 99.9 dj brought in a recording of one of their shows for us to hand out and so faithful reader, for your downloading pleasure here is a mix of classic 60's soul hits from Agent Double O Soul. DOWNLOAD LINK

Well that's all for this update, keep coming by for the latest updates, or find us on facebook, twitter or whatever social networking crap you like to use...'course, we'd rather you just come in and plop down on the couch but your icouch works too.
--Matt n Adam

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Record Store Day is Coming, but first Some New Treats!!

City Center In Store

Formed out of the ashes of experimental indie pop pand Saturday Looks Good to Me, The duo of Ryan Howard and Fred Thomas, also known as City Center, will be coming up north to play at Nocturnum April 13th, but first they'll stop by for an all ages in store. Similar to artists like Panda Bear and the Ruby Suns, City Center pairs their haunting vocals with background loops and lo-fi guitar to create melodic soundscapes much in the same way as Tunng did with their album Comments of the Inner Chorus. Don't miss what is bound to be an awesome show, we'll be front and center. April 13th at 3:00pm, courtesy of Panache Booking and Missing Link Records.

City Center Myspace


We drove down to S.F. last week to see Radio Moscow play the Elbo Room with Assembled Head in Sunburst Sound, but it was heavy psych rockers Naam who stole the show. This newly signed TeePee Records band, having recently wowed audiences at SXSW, ventured west, camping on BLM land, "since we heard it was free," showering in a river and shitting in a hole for a week before leaving the woods to start off their tour in S.F. Heavy fuzzed out bass and melodic guitar ramblings meet with echoed out screams and reverberated vocals are backed by heavy drums that keep time with a perfect stoner rock-headbanging tempo. Not since the glorious days of yore have our brains been so blasted on a barroom floor.

Decheman & The Gardener

Recently I was on a roadtrip where we all had ipods and no plug in the rental car for them. We qiockly ran through the two cds we had, just about giving up home, until the sky split open, God tweeked his nipple with a grin, and dropped down a copy of Decheman and the Gardener. Part fuzzed out garage, part lounge bassanova, this French duo is made up of a seasoned veteran of the rock scene and his 18 year old gardener. the album is made up of the kind of thick guitar tones and hollow vocals that you might expect to find on some old Bacchus Re-issue, certainly not from today, somewhere in the suburbs of French wine country. Best enjoyed while drinking a glass of wine, one listen and you'll wonder why this isn't on that oh-so-hip "cocktail party" tracklist on your ipod.

Decheman and the Gardener Myspace

Thee Vicars

To me, seeing the word Thee before a band is like an M. Night Shamalyan movie, its probably going to suck but you go anyways. That's why I was so pleasantly blown away at a show featuring Thee Vicars. Described as, "four annoying bastards from the great town of Bury St Edmunds. Forming in April 2007, they like dirty and fuzzy noise," that just about sums it up. No pretense, no funky gimmicks, just good ole fashioned garage rock and roll, turned up loud and screamed with a British accent. With new tunes and some classic covers, including Strychnine by the Sonics, their set rekindled my belief that garage rock is still alive and well in the year 2010.