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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2011: hitting the ground running.

We're steadily unpacking everything in our new spot and finding boxes of records we've been meaning to put out, as well as show posters that will be for sale on our walls. Our thanks to everyone who came in for the in-store featuring Ms. Lana Rebel and friends, there will be many more to come. Our next in store will be Feb. 12th with the Water Tower Bucket Boys!

Click below to view a larger version of our design contest flier with all the rules and regulations. Our judge and artistic director Lush Newton has talked us into extending the deadline until the end of February so get movin' and take your place as the designer of our latest sweatshirt!


Also extended into the month of February, our record raffle. For a fee of $4 get yourself a ticket and be entered to win a limited picture disk LP of George Clinton in Alpaca chaps! All proceeds go towards some serious medical bills and there's no limit to entry so feel free to stuff the box. Click below to view the lp in its glory!

Adam happened upon this trailer the other day which begs the question, how do you know when your scene is over? January 21st "Saturday Night Live" cast member Fred Armisen and Sleater-Kinney/Wild Flag member Carrie Brownstein will bring you their take on the place everyone moves from Arcata to...for a few months. Watch the first episode now by clicking below and watching the first episode courtesy of HULU.

We decided to do something a bit different this month and focus on songs that have gotten lodged deep within our brain lately. Nothing's worse for your friends and family than being drug along for the ride during a case of brain itch, so we decided to share ours with you to give them some relief.

M.I.A. "Bad Girls"

Part of her new downloadable mix tape "Vicki Leekx," this track is Paper Planes 2.0. Featuring haunting bazaar synth and a pounding, syncopated beat, courtesy of Timbalands' protégé Danja, Mi.I.A. has delivered another track that furrows deep into your brain. As one reviewer encapsulated it, "the memorable semi-nonsensical phrases repeated until they become absurdly and transcendentally powerful," are what cement this and other M.I.A. hits' addictive nature. The rest of the album is admittedly a bit spotty, with few other moments standing up to this monster of a track but as local music nerd King Maxwell pointed out, you have to remember this is an east coast mix tape and a free one at that.

Panda Bear "You Can Count on Me"

Limited to a mere 3000 copies, it's a pretty sure bet most of us missed the new tracks put out this year by Animal Collective's own Panda Bear. So far four tracks have been released on two seven inches and after listening on repeat for days, our ears are already salivating for more. Some tracks have that classic Panda Bear sound that made such an instant hit but also there's a bit of something new in there as well, something that shows a positive evolution in this 33 year old musicians' solo work. Expect the full length out this April but until then, here's a taste.

Cazwell "All Over Your Face"

12 months of Cazwell still hasn't tarnished our love for this thong rockin' gay rapper from Massachusetts. Between releasing his own string of hits and producing Amanda Lapour's first album, it seems Cazwell hasn't found time to release his second full length, "Watch My Mouth," on LP just yet but the 12'' of our favorite track is still available if you hunt.
Cazwell - All Over Your Face .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Michael Hurley Unholy Modal Rounders "Slurf Song"

After hearing a cover of this song during our in-store with Lana Rebel, it burned our ears until we finally tracked down where we'd heard it before. From an album recorded over the course of three days back in 1975, Peter Stampfel, Michael Hurley, Jeff Fredrick and a crew of others recorded a lighthearted bit of silly songcrafting that follows your every whistle.


This month we're excited to highlight a series that's so good, we wish we could get alzheimers so we could read it again for the first time. The premise is this: characters from all our favorite bedtime stories flee their homelands, driven out by an evil oppressor, and wind up refugees, hidden in the heart of New York City. Volume one showcases hardboiled detective Bigby Wolf attempting to unravel the mystery of who killed Snow White's sister, Rose Red. Each of the first three storylines try and exemplify a different genre: the first is a murder mystery, the next a conspiracy thriller, and then a caper story. For nine years now the series has evolved and transformed characters and classic legends alike, producing numerous spin offs and winning 12 Eisner awards, all the while keeping me just as hooked as when I used to watch "Six Feet Under." Pick up any of the first four volumes at the shop, or get em all for ten bucks off the combined cover price!

Iron & Wine "Kiss Each Other Clean"

Coming out at the end of January, another release from Indie beard Sam Bean!
Tree By The River
Marisa Anderson "The Golden Hour"
We had a few folks from Mississippi records come by and check out our store over the holidays. We spoke of how much we enjoy their cassette comps. and were told, "if you like our re-releases, wait till you check out Marisa Anderson." Her new album, released this month on Mississippi, features 12 improvisations for guitar and lap steel.

That's all for now folks, stay tuned for updates on new releases, restocks of our year end favorites and a schedule of this year's ArtsArcata madness!
keep diggin' those crates.
--Matt n' Adam.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Enter The New Store

Well we opened the doors, and while we may not have all the nails hammered down but we do have a killer stock of records, cds and graphic novels to come out swinging. Don't forget us this holiday season, as you do the shopping for the music nerd on your list, we've got gift certificates, new Missing Link gear and a slew of sale items for this Festivus. First though, let's talk about some new stuff that just came in the doors this month.

The Extra Lens (John Darnielle & Franklin Bruno)

"For a band that’s been around, on and off, for almost 20 years, The Extra Lens has kept a pretty low profile. Then again, “low profile” is pretty much the best way to sum up Undercard, the band’s second full-length, and its first since 2002’s Martial Arts Weekend. Originally known as The Extra Glenns, the duo of The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle and Nothing Painted Blue’s Franklin Bruno sounds exactly like a mix of those two projects, but where Martial Arts was more of a slapdash, punk-folk affair, Undercard peddles in a more mature, assured—though no less skeletal—kind of songcraft. With an acoustic-plus-distortion-plus-piano approach that recalls Billy Bragg’s early work..." -Jason Heller (The Onion A/V Club).

Psychedelic Aliens "Psycho African Beat"

We've been waiting a looong time for this one to hit wax. Sometimes known as The Magic Aliens or just the Aliens, the three short years these amazing musicians were together produced eight of the funkiest afro-psych tracks of their time. It took Frank Gossner, of Voodoofunk.com, an amazing 4 years, 9 visits to Ghana, and dozens of newspaper advertisements to track all 24 minutes of this music and serve it up to the salivating record dork community. Full of fuzzed out guitar and farfisa, one of the awesome things we discovered about this LP is that it's just as fun on 33 as it is on 45!

South Memphis String Band "Home Sweet Home"

Luther Dickinson (from the North Mississippi Allstars), Alvin Youngblood Hart (the great modern bluesman) and Jimbo Mathus (of the Squirrel Nut Zippers), three talented musicians with a love for old time music, who've teamed up to create a trio of palpable proportions. They ve been called a regional rorots music supergroup by some reviewers but the alliance of Dickinson, Hart and Mathus is more like three good friends attempting to preserve and revive the great jugband/stringband traditions of the deep south.

Orgone "Cali Fever"

A new release from one of what we consider to be a majorly understated band of today. Hailing from the capital of Southern California, the members of Orgone have been up to Humboldt a handful of times now with less of a local response than we'd expect from such a killer funk band. With a lightning percussion section and the classic wah'd out guitar backing a strong female lead vocal, this band could turn a into a dancefloor. With their latest release, Cali Fever, the band expands into a more world beat feel, creating a sound similar to bands like The Daktaris or El Michels Affair.


A new section for the store is Uncle Matt's Soul Corner, where you'll find cd versions of the amazing soul that hasn't reached wax yet. We devote so much attention to our beloved wax (such as the few copies of Tear-Stained Soul we just found on LP), that we thought the CD-minded should get some of our love and affection too. This week, we're turning our attention to a release that costs a whopping 55 smackers for the vinyl-minded but costs your compact disk budget a mere dollars, "The Northern Soul Story Vol.4 - Wigan Casino."

A nightclub in Lancashire England, from 73-81 Wigan Casino was one of the premiere spots for northern soul music and was voted the World's Best Venue in 1978 by Billboard Magazine,beating New York's Studio 54. The Club closed December 6th 1981, the final night of Wigan Casino, the crowd refused to leave, so according to the DJ, to "break this spell of hysteria" he picked a 7" at random from his box and played that. This final Wigan Casino song became one of the most famous northern soul songs of all time, Frank Wilson's "Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)".

Another of our new sections, these are cds that were to oddly sized to fit in the racks but still deserve all the attention their uniformally shaped brothers and sisters do. This month it's a killer lesson in music history from the guys at Honest Jons, Living is Hard: West African Music in Britain,927-29.

Made in London, these recordings were issued originally by the Zonophone record label. The first West African Zonophone recordings date from 1922, when the Reverend J. J. Ransome-Kuti — Fela’s grandfather — traveled from Nigeria to Britain, to record Christian hymns in Yoruba. The tracks on this release are all over the map, with guitar/vocal pieces, drum ensembles, bizarre growled vocal performances and large ensemble piece. The folks over at Honest Jons have worked hard to make this an album that musically portrays a snapshot in time, with as little left out as possible and we here at Missing Link tend to think they did a damn fine job. Not an album that will overtake you upon first listening, this is more like one of those musical history lessons that, over time, become some of your most treasures comp. gems. Click below for a sample.
George Williams Aingo - Akkuo Nu Banto

With the new store, we're expanding our graphic novel section with alot more new and used stuff for the superhero inclined. This month's feature is Batman: Secrets, drawn and written by Mr. Sam Kieth. The artist behind some of the largest and most grizzled looking incarnations of Marvel heroes, as well as the highly successful book/tv show The Maxx, turns his attention to the Dark Knight and the Joker in dark story about childhood trauma and media exploitation.

When Joker convinces a parole board to let him back on the streets, he resumes his old life, only to have a confrontation with Batman misleadingly captured on film and sold to the tabloids. Making the most of this, the Joker attempts to turn the public on Batman with the help of his unconventional new sidekick. Written shortly after the Killing Joke, this has a concentration on the whole Joker/Batman, Holmes/Moriarty situation but focuses more on the two's confrontation of their inability to exist without the other to validate their own existence...woah, heavy.

The new Missing Link sweatshirts are coming in this week! Featuring our brand spanking new address on the back, these zip up hoodies come in Black or Blue and have our logo on the back, drawn by Lush Newton (voted Humboldt County's Best Artist 2010)! Also coming soon are the new bumper stickers featuring the phrase "iBUYVINYL" for only a buck! Also, as we keep moving into our new home, expect to see wooly bigfoot socks, gnome socks, missing link slipmats and more!

As part of the celebration around our new store we're going to do a limited run of sweatshirts featuring designs from our favorite artists and we'd like to include you in on the deal too! If you have a Bigfoot/Record design that you want to hand in, we'll be taking online submissions until the end of January and announcing the winner February 1st. The lucky winner will walk away with a seventy-five dollar gift certificate to Missing Link, a special version of their artistic apparel and a hand picked gift from Adam and Matt.

Recently, a good customer of ours found herself injured and faced with some fun medical bills. Since we all know money doesn't grow on trees...yet, we here at the shop are doing a little something in the holiday spirit. Through the end of January we'll be holding a raffle to auction of a Parliament Motorbootyaffair picture LP. These little beauties are becoming harder and harder to find plus, let's face it, who doesn't need George Clinton in Alpaca chaps, water-skiing behind two dolphins? To enter, just buy a raffle ticket for 5.00 and drop it in the bucket with your name, number and email. All proceeds go towards this Arcatan's medical expenses, (for privacy sake we're not saying who but trust us we ain't lyin'). The first week in February we'll draw the winner out and post it on the blog, as well as call that person immediately. Out of town entries count as well, if you want to use paypal, so don't feel shy Jeff Myers or Mike Mannix.

That be all for now music lubbers, make sure to stop by and see our new digs, pet the cat and make goo-goo noises at Henry. So, until then,
Keep diggin' those crates
--Matt n Adam