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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Movin' Daze

We're Getting Some New Digs.

After two years in our beloved cubbyhole, we're excited and sad to announce that starting this December, you can visit Missing Link Records at our new location 1073 H St, between DTA and Pacific Paradise, as we undertake the mission of revamping one of Arcata's longtime oddities. If you lived here at any point in the last thirteen years you've probably peeked in the window of One Man's Treasure and wondered what the hell is he selling in there? Lording in the back of the dimly lit, seldom open interior like a character from some unreleased Tom Waits song, the owner would have endless debates about whether or not to sell you the item in your hand. Sometimes out loud, these deliberations more often then not seemed to be confined to his own head, nothing to break the silence but the mumblings of an interior monologue spilling over like coffee from an overfilled cup, as you backed slowly towards the door. To sum it up, we've got some big shoes to fill.


The Secret Sisters

So, if you actually pay attention to our blog you've already heard us mention the Secret Sisters already and if not, then scroll down and get some education before reading on...ready...ok. Produced by the man who put together the Oh Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack, their pure, sweet tones were the sort that takes you back to artists like Patsy Cline, The Corn Sisters and the Carter Family. Personally, I had forgotten women even sounded like this anymore.

Radio Phnom Penh

"This brain-melting concoction of Radio transmissions is a combination of AM/FM samples from the airwaves of Phnom Penh. The older, classic Pop/Rock FM cuts are ALL re-mixed versions while the newer forms/other styles of Cambodian music collected here are not. All AM recordings are from the Original masters. Regardless of the debate between “original” and “re-mix”, this is the most diverse assortment of Cambodian musical treasures you’ve NEVER heard. Flowing from traditional to Modern, from rock and pop to folk and hybrid, all excerpts are as unique as the best of what’s been presented by other compilations of late. And it’s sequenced here in the spirit of how it was captured: as radio programming designed to immediately transport you into the heart of Cambodia’s Capital" (excerpt taken from Sublime Frequencies website).

Veal Kmao Khiev Kjey by Pan Ron

Dara Puspita

"Dara Puspita (Flower Girls) was arguably the world’s greatest all-female garage rock band. The reason you’ve probably never heard of them was that they came from Indonesia where they were extremely popular during the 1960s. Their career spanned from 1965 until 1973 including 3 years (1969-1971) living and touring in Europe. The four albums recorded by the original members between 1966 and 1968 (the material represented on this CD) is one of the great chapters of 1960s popular music history never to be reissued, let alone recognized beyond a few tuned-in souls and adventurous record collectors in the Western world" (excerpt taken from Sublime Frequencies website).

Pearls & Brass
so make fun of me for being behind the times if you want...I'll gladly take the heat for not knowing about this band before they got a chance to break up. Hailing from Nazareth, Pennsylvania, Pears & Brass has that power trio, stoner jam quality that reminded me of a cross between The Hitch and Radio Moscow. Even though they seem to have already called it quits, they still have two pretty rad albums you can jam out to.


With December right on the horizon it's time again for all music fanatics to start writing their end of the year best of's. We here at Missing Link are encouraging our shoppers to write their lists with links to the bands and send them up to this blog via the comments section. With any luck, we might all find one of those 2010 gems we missed but most likely we'll all find reasons to argue with the validity of each others' choices...either way it'll be fun.


jefferson state festival is already shaping into a bigger hootenanny than last year's candlelit inception. With an incredible lineup confirmed, a local Viking brewing up our refreshments and the playhouse ready to let us loose yet again, the three heads of Jefferson State have begun putting together volunteer lists, railroad lanterns and plenty of baked goods. Here's a sneak peek at the lineup for this year.
Pokey Lafarge & The South City Three
Frank Fairfield
The Dust Busters
Water Tower Bucket Boys
Striped Pig Stringband
No-Good Redwood Ramblers
and MC/storyteller extraordinaire Jeff DeMark.

-- COMING JULY 2011 --

That's it for now kids, as always the music biz slows down in December as people start calculating end of the year favorites and the big guys start re-recording another Christmas album. That doesn't mean, however, that you can't find some of the best re-issues and re-releases sitting on our racks. Come in, sit down, and let us tell you about them.

Keep diggin those crates,

--Matt n' Adam.