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Monday, July 12, 2010

Post Pickathon Excitement.


A huge thanks to everyone who attended the 1st annual JEFFERSON STATE OLD TIME REVUE. Despite losing power at the start of the 2nd band, things were amazing! Candle-lit good times for everyone! Now that the ball is rolling, expect more things on the horizon from The Jefferson State Group. If you missed the chance to snag a t-shirt, we'll still have a few for sale at the shop


Bo Carter "Banana in Your Fruit Basket"
The old black blues equivilant of Weird Al, Bo Carter was one of the infamous Chatmon Brothers, who claim to be related to Charlie Patton. A master of the double entendre, Carter wrote hits such as "warm my weiner," "ants in my pants" and "my pencil won't write no more." Two thumbs up!!

Bo Carter - Please Warm My Weiner .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Budos Bad "III"
Back with a third dose of their upbeat soul, the Budos Band succeeds in putting out a third album that doesn't tweak their winning recipe but doesn't leave you wondering when they'll grow as a group either. Those who have followed the career of this amazing Daptone Records supergroup, expect more of the same dynamic horns smooth bass and incredible organ solos. Plus, the joy of not having to say, "this would be awesome if only they'd stop singing."

Carolina Chocolate Drops "Genuine Negro Jig"
Back with their second release, this amazing three piece continues to amaze audiences with the way they re-create classic American music. Quickly becoming figureheads within the new roots movement, the Chocolate Drops have been booked for this year's Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival (woo hoo!).

Souljazz Orchestra "Rising Sun"
A scorching album for the rare sunny moments of our Humboldt County summer. Despite being comprised entirely of Canadians, and released on a British label. Amazingly, there is no guitar player, so you should expect none of the wailing shred that is standard in other bands playing afro-rhythm. The absence of guitar chords and arpeggios produce a cleaner horn-based sound without the compliment of guitar distortion, creating an overall effect is more choral...and they're Canucks to boot.


The Dust Busters
Probably the favorite of this years bands at Pickathon, the Dust Busters impressed us not only wqith the amount of old time songs they can perform at the drop of a hat, but with the amount of mushrooms they can eat and STILL perform in front of a large audience. Three young Brooklynites, their first release underlines a point we heard their fiddle player Craig tell some passer by, "we play old time, NOT bluegrass." Despite their young age, one of their members (Eli) is not only the purveyor of the on-line podcast "Down Home Radio Show," but the Brooklyn Folk Festival as well. Proof positive that when they say that tune was written in 1905, they have the 78 to prove it.

Blind Boy Paxton
Young Jeron "Blind Boy" Paxton was one of the acts we most wanted to catch at this year's Pickathon. A native of Watts, Ca and a frequent collaborator with musicians like Frank Fairfield, Dom Flemons and C.W. Stoneking, Paxton is another of these young men playing the repertoire of classic American music (including Coon Songs). After witnessing both his solo set and his workshop with Frank Fairfield we're convinced that Blind or not, the boy plays one hell of a piano. Combined with Frank Fairfield, the duo make up a modern day, bi-racial Abbot and Costello, playing off of each other as the country bumpkin and the awkward, uptight straight man.

Water Tower Bucket Boys
We've had the fine fortune to hang out with Cory from the Bucket Boys and been blown away with both the talent this group of early twenties Oregonians exudes and the sincerity with which they approach music. These guys played gigs all the way up to the festival, played Pickathon Friday, left for a nearby gig on Saturday, then returned to play the festival again, then wake up early to start their UK tour...whew! When they get back on US soil, they'll be heading to Arcata for the Barn Dance with Striped Pig this September, don't miss it!!

Eugene Jeans
The real star of this year's Pickathon was Tim from Eugene Jeans. A washboard player and man about town, Tim and his family run one of the coolest vintage shops in the state of Oregon. A longtime fan of American music and old novelty 78's, Tim amazed everyone with his party-related stamina and the kid-who-got-his-nose-stolen stare he was locked in while playing the main stage...man I guess the guy selling mushroom chocolates did better business than we thought.

Well there's our once a month entry to the blogosphere. If you're on 8th and J, stop by, leave your butt-print on the couch, smoke a cigarette and hear all about how Matt shared an ipod with Bonny Prince Billy.

Keep diggin' those crates
--Adam n' Matt