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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide

Ok, December is here and it's alright to put out the wreath and spin our peanuts Christmas album. Seeing as there's still time to shop for those you love, or those your obligated to through some work party and us being the helpful folk we are, here's a little peek at some of the goodies we've sprinkled out like visions of sugarplums.

Even though Adam and Matt may differ over whether The Smiths are to be treasured or trashed, neither can deny these UK singles are in great shape and won't last long.

Tom Waits live double LP taken from the recent Glitter and Doom tour. Includes a digital download that includes the "Tom Talks" disc of all conversation. Amazing renditions of classic Waits songs that strike the buying itch in both regular and the rabid bootleg collecting Tom fans.

The perfect thing for the rabid fanboy you might be dating. A beautiful set of original Watchmen comics with extras. This hard to find set comes to us at a fraction of the price you'd see online and in very good shape.

When Fat Possum released Andrew Bird's Noble Beast, they also put out a hush hush live cd in small pressing. Taken from a 2007 live show in Montreal, Bird performs earlier songs that are often considered better than his new stuff.

Thinking about how to please that music dork on your list? How about some first pressing Sonic Youth albums? Wax that's clean enough for Howie Mandell to eat off of and hard to find, that's just how we like 'em.

Strap on your gypsy boots and drink while watching the 2 1/2 HOUR dvd that comes free with the new Live from Axis Mundi LP by Gogol Bordello. Digital download included means cds are going to end up like slap bracelets, so do us all a favor and buy vinyl.

Ghana Special!! Even though your friends are all buying the 5 lpset and making you look bad, show off your two cd set and tell em to take a hike while listening to Dr. K Gyasi and his Noble Kings.

That's all for now, we're setting up our list of the year's top picks (heavily debating whether re-issues are allowed, or their own category), feel free to chime in with yours as well. Feel free to stop by and get warm on the couch with Maynard, we'll be under the mistletoe.
Keep digging in the crates.
--Matt and Adam.