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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

These guys never update their stupid blog...


We welcome into the store our first employee, Henry William Pokorski. Weighing in at 5lbs and only a few weeks old but he's already established Earthless and Townes Van Zandt as some of his picks this month. A hearty round of applause to the happy family.

Jefferson State Old Time Review...

Coming July 3rd to The Arcata Playhouse, an all day event of Cryptozoological proportions. Featuring some of the finest Old Timey and Bluegrass musicians around today, the J.S.O.T.R. promises to be a day to remember. Food will be onsite thanks to the folks over at Luke's Joint and even though the event s all ages, beer and wine will be available with ID. Doors open at 4pm and music goes until around midnight. Here's a sneak peak at the lineup, but first a giant thanks to Lush Newton for providing some incredible artwork for the poster (coming soon).

The Vintners' Daughters
Hellbound Glory
Striped Pig Stringband

The Blackberry Bushes
The Blair St. Mugwumps

Pokey LaFarge & The South City 3

And Now, Here's Some New Loot We've Pulled Into The Store Lately...

Soviet Funk Volumes 1 & 2
Recorded in Abakan, the capital city of Khakassia between 1971 and 1976 by Pavel Sysoyev. Sysoyev was an employee of the USSR TV and Radio Broadcast Committee. He ran a recording studio intended to create content solely for the government media entity. Late at nigh however, he brought in his friends and ran late night recording sessions when no one else was around. Somehow, this small group of classically trained musicians was able to forge a funky sound all their own.

"Welcome Home..." A Woodsist Compilation

Our friend Mark Shikuma aply described this record as, "the Nuggets Comp of our generation." Displaing the bands signed to the Woodsist Records label, this LP is a treasure trove of music. Most of the bands on the record have already cemented themselves in the stable of performers creating a sort of modern day jam music feeling, laying out songs that center not on the words or structure, but rather on the energy at that time. In addition, a handful of covers have been included, with songs originally by The Cure, Erol Dunkley and The Grateful Dead. Here's a video for the last band on side B "Ducktails."

Petrojvic Blasting Company
Recorded by two brothers, accompanied by their cousin and a cast of guests, this limited to 500 release is a mixture of the Balkan inspired gypsy style that has spawned bands like Beirut and the ragtime meets big band sound of The Squirrel Nut Zippers. Based out of Los Angeles, this thick, handcrafted LP comes with the CD inside, gratis.

Kings Go Forth
Ok, by all rights someone should yell at us for sleeping on the job April 20th when this album dropped but to err is human, this album? divine. Sounding like some lost treasure from the past, this new Milwaukee 9 piece only just put out their first 7" inch in 2010 (sold out, even before it was released!).

Woody Pines
Performing at this years' Pick-A-Thon festival in Oregon, Woody Pines is perhaps best known for touring with a full sized piano. Pines music is not only a reflection of classic old time music but also of the future of the genre, mixing in horns and modern arrangements to mold a new image of the style. Still breaking into the mainstream of musc listeners, he is already a staple at country and bluegrass festivals all over the country.

On A Side Note...

Local artist extraordinaire Jesse Weidel has painted us up a portrait of Missing Links' patron saint, Conway Twitty! Our daily prayer to Conway is part of what holds the shop together, and being a like minded Twitty afficianado, Jesse has created an amazing homage to the Pacer-owning man who once said he would take the love you're givin'.

As always, we'll send another update in six months, or when we run out of episodes of Deadliest Catch to watch.

Keep Diggin--
Adam n Matt