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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I wear black friday on the outside because black friday is how I feel on the inside.

Black Friday is upon us and here in sleepy Arcata, where commerce is seemingly immune to the frantic four a.m. shoppers. We have taken to making our own Black Friday by only playing bands with the word Black in their name or album title...no we do not have too much time on our hands. After a weekend of banjo laden hijinx, we've caught a full dose of old time fever and the store has too. This post is full of re-releases hitting the shelves, recent loot to swing onto the racks and some of the newer acts out there still making that classic sound.

Crow Quill Night Owls
Ah Port Townsend, the Washintonian equivalent of Arcata and home to Kit "Stymee" Stovepipe and Calliope Kane, former members of the Inkwell Rhythm Makers and Below the Salt. With a sound that reminds one of the Cheap Suit Serenaders, Stovepipe gravels out the kind of ragtime and rhythm that you'd normally hear at 78rpm. Click above for a download of their first release "Mechanical Unicorn."

Carolina Chocolate Drops
The Carolina Chocolate Drops are an African-American String band in the old-time tradition. Based in the Triangle area of North Carolina their music is rooted in the foothills and mountains of north and south Carolina. Learning their trade from master old-time fiddler Joe Thompson, they have been tearing up stages all over the world since 2005. Unlike other kinds of string band music the Chocolate Drops play in the Piedmont style, with roaring banjos out in front while the fiddle hangs and hums in the back.....beautiful stuff!

Pokey LaFarge
After tearing the roof off of 3 Foods Cafe yet again, The South City Three and their skinny frontman have smashed their way to the top of our daily playlist with their newest release, entitled "Riverboat Soul." Backed by some of the best hardworkin' musicians out there, including Old Crow Medicine Show fiddler Ketch Secor, this band brings the "A" game to every performance, often playing for four hours before breaking a sweat. Though Riverboat Soul isn't fully released yet, the band's website has some preview tracks, including our new favorite song, "Bag of Bones."

Live Conference recently made its appearance onto wax and we here at the shop are willing to part with a few copies. Deluxe limited edition vinyl-only release packaged in heavy-duty tip-on style die cut jackets. Conference of the Birds played in its entirety and recorded on 24-track multi-track remote audio at their 2008 performance in New York.

Ghana Special
A five lp box set for the afro-funk loving nerd in all of us. 900 grams of vinyl, two unreleased tracks, a twelve page booklet...are you drooling yet? With the overwhelming success of the previous Ghana sounds collections, these are sure to be the kind of thing your friends trade you naked pictures of their sister for.

Sour Mash Hug Band
Chicago Stompers
The Krebsic Orkestar

Until next time everyone, keep diggin through the crates.

--Matt and Adam.