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Friday, March 20, 2009

Opening Soon...

Thanks to everybody reading this and to Mike Mannix for his tireless help in making sure we're online as we hammer and nail our way into existence. Missing Link Records is shooting to open in the first week of April, with an opening gala for April's Arts Alive featuring the artistic intentions of Mr. Mannix and Sarah Spears. As we get closer to zero hour, Adam and I are up till the wee hours preparing stock, gathering new gems for the Humboldt record buying community and overeating at the wonderful 3 Foods Cafe (try the Mac and Cheese). Can't wait to have you join us for the big opening of our new home, Missing Link Records!


  1. Way to go you guys... I'm so proud of all of you! Love you all and can't wait to get out there to see things in action!!

    Love ya,
    *Mama Mall!! (heehee)

  2. "Intentions" is an accurate word choice. Well, for me at least. Sarah's work is pretty stellar.