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Monday, September 20, 2010

New Stuff and Comin' Soons.


Lagos Roots Afrobeat Ensemble

This killer show is just around the corner! You've heard the word on the street, you've picked up the whispers in BRIO and you've seen the entry on our blog but jot down Sept. 24th in your i-whatever and tweet yourself a reminder that not only will DJ Mantease charm your pants right off with his heavy afro-lps but Lagos Roots will drive your pantless ass right to the dance floor. This killer ensemble features original members of Africa 70 and Sonny Okonous band, (we assure you, that's good). JAMBALAYA $10

Water Tower Bucket Boys

Coming to Six Rivers Brewery Sept. 24th & The Striped Pig Barndance Sept. 25th! It's your two chances to check out The Water Tower Bucket Boys, an amazing group of musicians hailing from Oregon and recently back from their UK tour. We've mentioned them in our blog before and we're tellin' ya now to mark your calender for a great, roots-y good time. SIX RIVERS BREWERY $? / ARCATA VETS HALL $7

Chris Potter's Underground

Redwood Jazz Alliance's Michael Eldridge warns all of you out there, miss this show and you'll be kicking yourself the next day. The Detroit Free Press calls him simply "the most compelling saxophonist of his generation." He's "[o]ne of the most studied (and copied) saxophonists on the planet," (says DownBeat Magazine). Underground, his quartet, has spent the last five years, injecting Potter's sensibility with 45cc's of funk. September 24th @ FULKERSON HALL $15, TIX ON SALE AT THE STORE.


Been Here All My Days (selections from the George Mitchell Collection)

Once again, Mississippi Records brings forth the American blues and roots like Lazarus from the tomb. This collection highlight the best songs from a 45 collection that was limited to a mere 300 copies (one of which resides in Adam's "not for mortal hands" section of his records). Originally put out by the fabulous Bruce Watson (of Fat Possum Records), this box set offered heavy hitters like Furry Lewis, J.B. Lenoir, Buddy Moss, RL Burnside and Joe Callicot (just to name a few). Just some of the best bluesmen doing what the good lord intended. If you didn't have the cash to snap this up when it came out, Mississippi offers this abridges, slightly more affordable, version.

Black Angels "Phosphene Dream"

Ok Ok, quit asking for this on Lp my babies. After some diggin, it turns out our fair Angels have signed over to a newly re-vamped label run by the douche bag from SIRE records and the douche bag from the Orchard. In classic douche-baggery, this gatefold LP with download code, only got sent out in small shipments to the large distributors . We're making the smaller rounds to try and scare up some copies so rest assured, as soon as we get our dirty little fingers on them, you'll be the first to know. Until then, there's still the cd and it IS worth taking a listen to.

Meilleurs Souvenirs de La 1ere Biennale Artistique et Culturelle de La Jeunesse 1970

Another release from ole Mississippi Records, "Magical Mali music from the start of the 70s. – played by a haunting group who mix swirling guitars, languid rhythms, and some really offbeat horns...a refracted version of better-known African modes of the time" --Dusty Groove.


Lately we've been feeling like sending out the feelers for any new bands that might just strike our fancy. Now mind you, we're not getting tired of sitting on the re-issue couch, far from it. We consider it, an exploration to re-assure ourselves that within the pile of pitchfork-approved, NME-embraced, hipster beards, there still lies hope for the future of music...call us melodramatic.

Frankie Rose and The Outs "Candy"

The first of our new bands to check out is this New York based quartet, who just released a new album on Slumberland Records (which has put out albums in the past by bands like Stereolab and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart). Beneath a thick layer of echo beats the heart of a symphonic and psychedelic lion (damn, I should work for Bigalow Tea). Running a range from spacey and melodic to driving and orchestral, Spinner said it best, "What's not to love about Frankie Rose and the Outs? They smile big, wear little black dresses and remind us what the Cramps and Ramones saw in '50s and '60s pop music."

Archie Bronson Outfit "Coconut"

Another segment in our latest quest to discover new meat, Archie Bronson already had a hit with their 2006 album, Derdang Derdang, that somehow skipped our radar. A heavy hitting British power trio, their new album comes straight from UK based, Domino Records. Archie Bronson and the boys go a bit more New Order on this one, making for a driving collection of songs...perfect for driving.

Keepaway "Baby Style"

More Brooklyn based goodness, in the vein of Animal Collective or Duck Tales. An echo ridden tropical paradise for sunny mornings and house cleaning days. Suckling from the Brain Wilson teat as many of today's bands, Keepaway may not be something new but it is something fun to listen to.

Jeff The Brotherhood "Heavy Days"

Well we warned you that you'd be sorry if you missed the in-store with JTB. After rocking the walls of our tiny store, their newest album hasn't left our record player in over a week. A mix of Devo and Queens of the Stone Age, strummed through three guitar strings and amplified by two giant stacks. Just the thing for the last few remaining days of sunny weather around here, you can pick up the latest release (with online download) or their long out of print Suicide Squeeze 45 on glow in the dark vinyl, here at the store.

Till next time, keep diggin' in those crates.
--Matt n Adam

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