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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September in Humboldt County


Thanks to our hardcore and attractive fans who voted us best store in Humboldt County! After less than two years in business, you can't imagine how excited we are that our tiny hobbit hole, with no signage after it closes, could be called the area's best store. This one is dedicated to anyone that's ever walked into a record store and uttered the phrase, "they still make records?"


Coming south from Portland, Jeff The Brother hood has agreed to stop off and play an in-store here at Missing Link. Come check it out, all ages donations are encouraged as gas ain't free. check em out beforehand by clicking here.

Right on the heels of his latest release, the son of Chico Dusty is playing Wednesday 22 September 2010 at the Arcata Community Center. Tickets are a pricey $50 General, $40 HSU students, odd considering he's at the Regency Ballroom in S.F. the next night for $31 (and that's ticketmaster price).

Nocturnum continues bringing big shows to the area with this hum-dinger September 9th! We know this one is short notice but don't miss your chance to see these confrontational legends of the hip hop world. Tickets are $25 and on sale now here at the store.

Jah only knows how we're getting such an amazing show here at our local Jambalaya. Made up of famous members of the Lagos afrobeat scene, these guys are guaranteed to get stuck in your head. This is one show we've been looking forward to for months now. For the measly price of ten dollars you can boogy down to the sounds of Lagos Roots as well as DJ Mantease aka Mr Brian Woida.

Playing at the Alibi for the Arcata Pub Crawl. You have to check out this power trio from Alive Records before they set off on another North American tour. Acolytes of the seventies psych-rock genre, their style blends that sound with blues to create a psychedelic explosion.


YOB "The Great Cessation"

Southern Lord proudly presents the 2LP, deluxe vinyl version of The Great Cessation, the 2009 album from Yob, the reunited cosmic doom metal band. Founded in 1996 in Eugene, OR, the band developed a reputation as the heaviest doom metal three-piece ever (alongside the legendary Sleep). In 2006, vocalist/guitarist Mike Schedit announced the group's split after just three albums. After a three-year hiatus that included member's involvement in the band Middian, Yob launched a triumphant return with this stellar release.
Yob - The Great Cessation .mp3
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Thee Oh Sees "Warm Slime"
Warm Slime, the eleventh full-length album from S.F. Rocker John Dwyer, is arguably his best work to date. An album split into two halves, the first is dedicated to the fourteen minute long title track with six shorter songs on the B-side that almost feels like an EP in itself.
Thee Oh Sees - I Was Denied .mp3
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Black Prairie "Feast of the Hunter's Moon
If you know us, you know we're suckers for dark, twangy American music. Black Prairie's new album, "Feast of the Hunter's Moon" is exactly that. The band is made up of a few members of the Decemberists, (don't hate us but we've never really found much merit in their albums) so when we saw them take the stage late friday night at this year's Pickathon, we wondered what we were in for. Western-style fiddle, Appalachian banjo, accordion that borders between french carnival and zydeco, and a general sense of creepy country lanes and haunted marshlands make this a dark, twangy first album worth checking out. Like Blanche but a bit more goth.


Big Boi "Sir Luscious Leftfoot, the son of Chico Dusty"

Big Boi (of Outkast fame) returns to the scene with an album chock full of clever lyrics, addictive beats and powerful guest stars. Andre 3000, George Clinton, Too Short, Raekwon, Yelawolf, Guggi Mane and more lend their voices to Big Boi's first solo outing. A much more refined and worked on release, 'Son of Chico Dusty' shows the evolution of a talented musician from half of a sensational duo to an artist in his own right. a number of funny skits were recorded to play between songs on the album, including a skit describing a sex move called "the David Blaine," where "you're making love to someone from behind, then have a friend take over and you run to a window and wave at your partner"
Big Boi - Shutterbug Ft. Cutty .mp3
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Palenque Palenque! "Champeta Criolla & Afro-Roots in Columbia 1975-91"
A killer collection of champeta work from the Caribbean coast of Colombia, Soundway have done a great job of introducing us to this unique genre. Thanks not only to a wicked selection of tunes, but also a full complement of notes and photos they really open up your minds to this really unique hybrid style of music. The sound is unique, plenty of heavy rhythms and percussion at the bottom with echoes of more familiar Colombian music but often with a more full-on approach to rhythm. Plenty of heavy, driving Afro rhythms and some occasional Caribbean touches in terms of production, make things trippy at just the right points! Three Lps of new territory just waiting to be discovered

"Saigon Rock and Soul"
An impressive collection of late 60s & early 70s recordings put together by the ever amazing Sublime Frequencies label! With tracks ranging from the raw & garagey to more soulful, psychedelic and funky, this set is a total knockout. There are songs of war, anti-Viet Cong songs, songs from the point of view of the jealous girlfriends of soldiers, all done with raucous psychedelic & funk rock arrangements. HEAR SAMPLES BY CLICKING BELOW:
Bich Loan and CBC Band, "Con Tim Và Nuróc Mat"
Lê Thu, "Sao Bien"
Phurong Tâm, "Dêm Huyên Diêu"

There's plenty more coming down the pike as we roll on so feel free to stop by and let us bend your ear. Until then...

Keep diggin' those crates.
--Matt n Adam

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