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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Come Out and Show Support For Missing Link

Well it look like they're only a few short weeks away from being done with construction of our new sidewalks and not a moment too soon. We'd like to thank all our diehard customers who have braved the snaking construction, lack of parking and sudden dust storms to continue shopping at the store. As a token of thanks (and as fundraiser during these sidewalk-less times), we'll be hosting a vinyl only night showcasing some of the knowledgeable music heads who can often be found lounging on our couch.


Join us at Humbrews this Thursday at 9pm for an all vinyl soul party featuring DJs Jason Morgan, Mantease, King Maxwell, and yours truly, Matt n' Adam. For a simple $5 you can come out and get sweaty while showing your support for Missing Link. If we get some heads then the folks at HUMBREWS might just make this a once a month thing so put down your fiskars, get a ride down the hill, put on a clean pair of pants and join us, won't you?

Halloween is going to be even more disturbing this year as the official H st opening will kick off at 4:20 with a ribbon cutting, Samba band explosion and plenty of candy for chillins big and small. As if that wasn't reason enough to come check out the newly finished street how about Pacific Paradise having their anniversary? Still on the fence, how about Henry dressed as a Bigfoot?

That's All for Now everyone, until next time

keep diggin' those crates,
Matt n' Adam

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