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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Come Pound Our Fresh Pavement.

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! Construction has finally finished up out front and we are ecstatic about being able to once again lollygag out front smoking cigarettes. Come down and check out the result of two months of heinous construction.

A ginormous thanks to all 152 of you who came out to support the Missing Link's Got Soul Night. We had an amazing time and can't wait to do it all over again. To the people who asked us for a copy of our set...sorry but honestly, we don't remember since everything was done on the fly. Come on back for our next night, tentatively set for the Saturday after Thanksgiving featuring JAYMORG - King Maxwell - MANTEASE & MATT n ADAM, what a perfect way to work off that extra helping of yams.


If you missed your chance to dance to the soul at Humbews, either because you weren't 21 or you had to work, get yourself a second shot at Blondie's this November 11th. Hosted by DJ Spaceman Spliff, and featuring JAYMORG, Adam n' Matt, we'll be setting the wheels in motion for this all-ages fandango around 9pm.
P.S. there is beer
P.S.S. you must pay for said beer.

Check out their page by clicking here.
November 26th join us for an evening of traditional bluegrass, old time and original songwriting with Portland's The Dapper Cadavers.
The Dapper Cadavers consists of Hazel Rickard on vocals, guitar, and banjo, Tom Fenollosa on upright bass, Kyle Butz, on guitar and banjo, and Will Munger on fiddle, and perform a classic mix of American folk and dance genres highlighted by the original songwriting of lead vocalist and Arcata native, Hazel. After five years of recording and performing in the United States and having just returned from a summer touring in Europe, They now excitedly return to the West Coast in support of our most recent EP, "Regarde," recorded in A Coruña, Spain, in June of this year. The show starts at 5:00pm and as always is all ages and no cover.

an evening with frank fairfield"

So the last few times Frank has come to town we always end up hearing bellyaching the whole rest of the week about how loud the crowd was, the feedback issues or just that the crowd was slightly too bro-ish. To address these elitist concerns we're tickled pink to be hosting a night with Frank here at the shop. This will be a not-to-be-missed, all-ages, suggested donation show with limited room. The catch is you have to shut the f#$k up and let Frank do his thing or you will be asked to leave. Starting at 7:30 on either November 15th or 17th, you can call to get more info or hold your reservations at 707-826-0590.

Over the last year or so, local artist barista and DJ Brian Woida has been making record nerds everywhere jealous with his art. His record album photos has gone from prints to tapestries and even skateboards, so what's the logical next step? start making your own covers. At the end of November, First Street Gallery in Eureka will be hosting Brian's latest work featuring album covers he re-created using his own photos. Each record is a laborious work of art, created with painstaking detail, and comes packaged with a screened artist statement plus a randomly selected poster showing other works from the collection. According to Brian, there will be an original copy as well as two prints of each album scattered within the installation, people are encouraged to dig through them all in search of the one they're after but since the records are sealed you'll need a careful eye to tell the prints from the original. Check out his photo album here.


Why has Black Friday suddenly become a reason for limited vinyl releases? We don't rightly know but like you we're wringing our hands towards the sky and cursing whomever came up with this alt-record store day event. We have to admit though, one good thing coming of this is a new(ish) release from Sharon Jones and her super team of musicians. Soul Time is a kind of rare comp. featuring tracks from singles, compilations and bonus tracks from online vendors. While only one of the songs seems to be completely new, for those who've bought all the other studio albums this is a great collection you could only previously enjoy by being a diehard completist.


It seems like every order that comes in, there's one record that just sweeps in and dominates our turntable for at least a week and this week it is, without a doubt, El Rego. Brought to us by Frank Gossner of Voodoo Funk via the always fabulous Daptone Records, El Rego is packed full of painfully deep, beautifully slow brain melting funk. First heard by us on Analog Africa's 2008 compilation African Scream Contest, Benin's Theophile Do Rego looms large among the lost giants of the West African funk scene. Filled with fatback bass lines and James brown style " Unghhs" and "Ahhs." This record is not to be slept on. On top of being an unstoppable collection of funk, this Lp comes with a bonus download AND a 45 single to play on the go!


The joyous return of our friendly neighborhood power trio! Written during their stay on the West Coast and recorded down at Prairie Sun, Leslie Magnafuzz is the kind of vicious guitar madness that can only be written while taking psychedelics in an A-frame in the woods and shows again why Radio Moscow's been one of Alive Record's top selling bands for the last two years.


Another gut busting offering from one of America's greatest living funnymen. For hardcore Patton fans, this album, taken from a live show in Seattle, contains some material you've heard before (such as his rant on the way his parent's raised him or how he got out of his last parking ticket) but along with this comes a slew of hilarious new bits that will have you saying "I want ALL the ham" for weeks.


I can always tell it's about to be winter when I'm digging through my record stacks and suddenly wonder where those Elliott Smith LPs got to. The weather goes grey and with it, men everywhere swim upstream to rediscover the sad bastard music of their past. For me, that means time to pull out my long red underwear and three albums that have always paired well with coffee and cold mornings.

Pavement "Slanted & Enchanted"

Pavement - Zurich Is Stained .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Sam Amidon "All Is Well"

Elliott Smith "From A Basement on a Hill"

Elliott Smith - Shooting Star .mp3
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As a parent of a 17 month old monster, repetition is key. Every morning I start my day with side one of Pokey Lafarge and the South City Three's latest "Middle of Everywhere." Fuck you Raffi, my kid has taste! When I get to choose what I listen to i always turn to some other fall weather favorites.

Riley Pucket "Evening Mail"- A compilation of rare 78 sides from Gid Tanners blind ugly guitar player.

Riley Puckett - Ragged But Right .mp3
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Earth " Bees Made Honey in the Lions Head"- Droney Americana perfect for staring out the window and watching the leaves fall.
Earth - Omens and Portents I: The Driver .mp3
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That's it, what with all the concrete in the air, we're still trying to get fully back in the saddle. Prepare for alot of new posts coming up as the year gets closer to closing out and the end-of-the-year lists begin to get tallied from music nerds everywhere but until then,
keep diggin' those crates
--Matt n Adam

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